Nimar Cambridge School Dhamnod

The traditional chalk and board method have been made more effective, supported with the Hi – Tech multimedia presentation and animation technology. 

Smart Class improves teacher effectiveness and productivity.

  • Teachers become resourceful and innovative.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Improves Academic performance of students.

For the benefit of young students of nimar, the Smart Class concept has been introduced from Nursery onwards at sandipani academy, as any age group of human beings learn at a faster pace if listening, watching and reading are done simultaneously.

Benefits of Smart Class Concept

  • Students find the class in smart sessions interesting and enriching … it is an innovation in the method of teaching.
  • Smart class has a great visual impact on our learning and it helps students understand and memorize topics better.
  • The smart class programme makes the classroom sessions very interesting and interactive.
  • Children are not sleeping in the classroom anymore.
  • Smart class is bringing digital revolutions in the classrooms. Teaching and learning has indeed become very interesting and effective.

The modules are embedded in a template that allow the teachers to teach a chosen lesson in class, frame by frame, with engaging and instructionally sound animated set of Visuals while retaining complete control on the pace of delivery.

 Sandipani Academy smart class concept is provided by extra marks technology.

We have introduced Extra marks as an initiative to bring audio visual technology to our classrooms.It provides the latest tools to the teachers to make their lessons more effective, lively and interesting. The projection of difficult concepts are learned easily and the academic performance is improved. The teachers are also able to assess the achievement of students immediately. This new age technology provides learning material in almost all the subjects. Presently, the Educomp Smartclass Programme has been installed in about 21,000 schools all over the world. Agarwal Academy is the first to adopt this programme in Vidisha region......" 

Smart class TM is a digital initiative for schools that:

(1) Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity.
(2) Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
(3) Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
(4) Improves academic performance of students.
(5) Enables instant formative assessment of learning
    outcomes in class.